New Year. New Life. New Blog.

Hi Girls! And Guys! 🙂

I am Jacque and this is my new blog! If you have been following me before, you would have seen several posts from my FB page and And if you were really following me, you would know that it has been a really really really long time since I last posted something. And if you have been one of my few followers, I would like to take this opportunity to say, “Sorry it took this long. But this year (and on the years to come), I’m gonna make up for it. God-willing!”

So yep, here I am again in my attempt at a new blog, and just to be sure I would keep it running, I finally bought a domain! Yay! Yep, is mine now! Rightfully mine! 🙂

And so, as the title of this very first post suggests, to me this is a New Year. Another start at my crafter life. But before we move forward, let’s do some throwback.

First, an old tale I wrote on what Eclations is all about:


When I first thought of making paper crafting a business, the first thing I wanted to have was a “brand name”. I had several themes in mind like CutePrints, Cut&Fold, Happy Thoughts, Felicithings (meaning “things of happiness”), Oh Craft!, etc. But after discussing things with my good friend TJ, the term “Eclations” was coined.

It supposedly came from the French word “éclat” meaning “great brilliance” then we just added “-tions” from “creations”. So in essence, we wanted it to mean “brilliant creations” but normally joke about it saying… “Eclations by Jacque, in Filipino, ‘mga ka-eklatan’ ni Jacque”. Though I don’t know what “eklat” exactly means in Filipino either. ^^v

To craft things that would trigger smiles and to glorify God in the process, for the talent He has given me.

And here are the crafty highlights of my 2015:
January: My Daughter’s Cloud Pillow whom she calls Sun
February: Peace Flower Wreath for a wedding, Owl Clipart
March: Feather Headdress, Flower Girl Tulle Dress
April: Owl Softies
May: Candy Invitation, Ribbon Awards
June: Wedding Invitation Layout
July: “Winter” Letter Standee for a first birthday party
August: Another Flower Girl Tulle Dress
September: No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake
October: Flowers! Lots of Felt Flowers! And other Wedding props,
Miss Costa Rica Costume, My Little Pony Standee
November: Coloring Book; Save-the-Date Bookmarks
December: Santa “Fairy Flower” Hat



Now I know some of the stuff posted above deserve their own dedicated posts so at least for the upcoming weeks or months, I will most likely have “Throwback” posts. So if there is anything you want to know more about, please feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow me here and on fb, twitter and instagram!

Cheers to a happy crafty 2016 ahead! To God be the glory!


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