Block Party Ph: Wanderlust 2016

I have always wanted to join the Block Party Ph at Ayala Alabang Village. And it finally happened last March 19, 2016! It was something I have planned a couple of months back. But then I had the miscarriage and was at a dilemma whether or not I could, or if I should, continue with it. But, I was just so happy I got a go signal from my doctor to participate. It was 10 days after I had a miscarriage, I had finally gotten out of bed rest, and my doctor recommended I do activities that relieve me of my stress and turmoil of emotions (ha!), but also with a stern reminder that I should not over-exert or tire myself.

Although I could not do the stuff I had planned on making for the event, I was really thankful my Mom was there to craft for me, to support me, to accompany me. My mommy sure can craft!

And so, let me share you our products and photos:

1. Felt Rose Topiary – something we love making in eclations. It can be a party or room decoration, a centerpiece, and now even has that owl clip embellishment which serves as a note/card/calendar/letter/whatever holder. 🙂 And oh, the mixed rose topiary was sold even before the bazaar so you won’t see it in succeeding pictures.

2. Owl Softies – Oh how I love owls! My mom kept asking me why I only make owls (and the wrist rests at #3) and not other animals, but I also do not know why, except that I just find owls so cute! Haha. Perhaps I should update my brand to Owlclations. These are in fact owls I have created for previous events. And thankfully, I’ve sold them all out that day to the lovely miss Champagne Morales.

I also plan to make more owls out of my stash of fabric at home so I can finally de-stash and de-clutter and just sell these products on future events. Please follow my FB page if you are interested to get one for yourself.


3. Cat and Bunny Wrist Rests – a product I started making for a colleague 2 Christmases ago. I have continued making them since I wanted to make something not only “cute” but functional as well. These actually come with what I call “pun tags” but I failed to take photos of the tags themselves. I will probably just make a separate post on that one. hihih.


4. Flower Topiaries – Yeah I know, you’ve seen these in #1. But take a look at this photo and notice the paper flower versions. Simpler but not less lovely, right?


4. Flower Magnets – yeah yeah, I know. Flowers again. and I suppose you noticed that these are same flowers that make up my topiary. But what can I do? These flowers are so cute I just love making them and I find may uses for them. In fact, I have attached 3 of these roses to one of my new shirts (perhaps I’ll make a post on this as well).

And if you are interested in making this flower, I do have a tutorial here. But I also plan on making another video tutorial specific to these refrigerator magnets so do wait for that. 😉



And except for the tags I failed to capture in photos, that was pretty much it. My condition prior to the event hampered me from delivering more, but I am happy I got to experience this fun bazaar. A shoutout to my lovely assistants who stayed with me throughout the day.


And also another shoutout to my bestfriend! I just have to say, this girl is God-sent. Every time she went to my area, I sold something! Guess her charm really draws people in. I should have her stay with me the whole day next time. :p


And of course, my daughter and husband also had lots of fun with the food and other activities in the area. Watching my daughter get creative and enjoy playing out doors was priceless!


So much thanks go out to the organizers and sponsors who made this happen!


To know more about what the Block Party events are all about, read here. (Note: Official Wanderlust photos taken from their FB page.)

And if you want to stay tuned for future Block Party gatherings, like and follow The Block Party on Facebook.

It was a blast! A fun and wonderful experience! We sure hope to see you there next time! 😉


To God be the Glory!


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