My First Ever Craft Workshop

Well not really the first. I did have a few workshops before but they were with close friends and/or family. But this, this was my first ever workshop opened to the public!!!

I know you’ve seen a preview from this post, and of course, here is my follow-through! 😀

It was bright and shiny. The year was 2016. The 17th day of April. I arrived at the very lovely Crafters Marketplace in EDSA Shangri-La where the walls were painted white and doodles in black ink were drawn on the walls. It was very welcoming and a very art-and-craft conducive place. And the host, Alma, was really sweet and accommodating. She really made me feel at ease, comfortable, and helped with the workshop big time. Of course, if you know me, you would expect that I could get shy or tongue-tied from time to time and Alma was really nice to cover for me during those times. Well, I continue to pray and work on this trait of mine but until I have completely overcome this, do bear with me.

So onto the workshop, I had 3 participants: a crafty mom and her crafty daughter, and surprisingly, a crafty husband. Being around them feels like family. They were quick to learn, very creative and they engaged in the discussions very well. I was really blessed my first “public” workshop was with these wonderful people! 🙂

And as always, here are some photos:

The work shop. Didn’t I say the walls were white with pretty drawings all around?
Registration table with pretty flowers. I really love pink gerbera daisies whether real or not. I really hope I can make fabric flowers like these someday.
What’s in the kit? These!!! Join the next workshop and you’ll get these (or something similar). :p
Hmmm… very busy. What are you guys doing there? Share naman. 🙂
Session ends! Us with our flowers! No, not the shirts, the paper flowers! See them?
And what lovely feedback. Thank you all so so so much from the bottom of my heart. I promise to do even better next time. I hope to see you again gals, and guy. Hope you can continue to pretty-fy this world with paper flowers. 😉



I really had a lot of fun doing this workshop. And I really hope my “students” also enjoyed it. And I really pray that God will bless me with more workshops to come.

The only sad part of the day was I missed my sister-in-laws sendoff at the airport. She was leaving for Dubai. But we had a quick chat after and thank God she arrived in Dubai later that night (or following day, sorry I’m not good with time zones).

So if I were to have another workshop, or online tutorial perhaps, on what would you want it to be? Leave a comment!

To God be the Glory! 🙂

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