My First Brand Totes

A quick post but a very loud shout out to Lovely’s Corner for these! 🙂 I am so in love with them!


You see… I have an upcoming Felt Flower Workshop at the Crafters Marketplace, Rustans Grocery, Edsa Shangri-La this Saturday. I have already ordered materials/felt this morning. I was getting excited but I also had to focus on my day job despite the sleep debt ill effects I am experiencing since yesterday. (Don’t get me wrong, I like my day job. Else I would have just slept all day. Haha.) Then these totes came and I was just thrilled to see my logo in them.

SimpleJoys. Let’s do this! I can do this! God is good! All is not lost. My time will come. God answers prayers!

Are what I think and feel whenever I see that brand stamped on my first ever set of totes! My logo. My brand. I never thought this would happen but it is happening… Oh and how I would love to use them for my workshop!

There are a lot of ideas running through my mind right now and I hope I get to do at least one of them before Saturday.

Even if not, I have decided to not feel bad. I will take this slow. One step at time. Because you see I realized, God makes things happen according to His will and in His perfect timing.

So yeah, I’ll continue to surrender, wait and see what unfolds before me — what He wants to happen, how He wants it to happen and when He wants it to happen.

Join me as I wait? I promise I’ll blog about it as it comes. So hit subscribe, like and share now!

To God be the glory! 🙂



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