May 2016 Felt Flower Workshop

Felt. Felt. Felt. Don’t tell me you’ve had enough of felt from my posts. Well I haven’t so you have no choice but to stick with it, or me for a while. Haha! 🙂

This is actually a late post of the Felt Flower Workshop I conducted last May 28, 2016. The second of my workshops at the Crafters Marketplace, Edsa Shangri-La. And might I say, I enjoyed this very much!

I had 5 participants, friends, all of which are most likely as creative as I am. I have had the pleasure of sharing my tips and tricks to this crowd, and it was likewise nice to listen to their own stories, own craft ventures, and own aspirations on what to do with whatever they learned from me.

And I would like to hope they learned from me. 🙂

So without much ado, here goes my photos! 🙂



And such lovely feedback! I wouldn’t mind doing this again. No, I would looooove to do this again! Join me next time?


To God be the glory! 🙂


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