My Mom and Crafting

My mom loves to craft. I often come home to paper or felt flowers and other handmade things, made out of my stash/supplies, only, I didn’t make them. She did. Haha. I can’t really say if I inherited it from her, or she from me. But I’d often joke that she got it from me. :p

Though actually, we have different styles and we have different behaviors when it comes to crafting and I guess that makes our team work.

I often act as the pioneer, the initiator, the innovator, the starter; then she follows, executes, mass produces, and surpasses. Yes, surpasses!

You see, I am a “spur-of-the-moment” type of crafter, depending on what my thoughts and mood dictate. While she is the “slowly but surely, quality over quantity” crafter. She is so meticulous with every detail that our ratio of finishing things is 2:10.

I am the vintage-y, what works in the market type. She is the playful, explorative type.

For example, take a look at the vases we made for the paper flowers she made:



Mine’s on the left: vintage, simple, too little details/minimalist since it was faster to make yet still works for the current market or trend.

My mom’s work is on the right: playful, colorful, decorative or detailed that took her time to punch out each flower or butterfly and carefully place them around the bottle evenly, and works best for the unique or playful minds that appreciate handmade and the intricacies that come with it.

Again, different, but works out just the same. 🙂

So with these very differences, we are able to cater to a vast range of clients with different preferences and personalities. We work together best!


This is perhaps why I removed “by Jacque” from Eclations.


Eclations is no longer about me or by me. It is about us, my mom and I; and you (our client, follower, family and friend) as well.


I love you mom!


To God be the glory!

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