Carefree Isn’t So Free Afterall

Who doesn’t want to live carefree? I guess none. Right? At one point or another, in one way or another, each of us do something within our power to live, “carefree”.


I look at my 4-year old daughter who lives carefree so I get to feel even just a tiny bit carefree myself.


My mom makes lots and lots of paper flowers to feel carefree.


My husband watches shoe reviews on youtube to feel carefree.


Normal people dance, eat, engage in sports, or even sleep in order to feel carefree, even if just for a time.


But sadly, carefree can be more expensive for others. There are those who simply can’t afford to live carefree.


Like my nephew who is Fighting Hemophilia. How can dancing at such a young “active” stage almost cost you your leg? How can coloring, writing, studying cause hemorrhage? How can, even just sleeping, cause hemorrhage and pain? How can normal things, out of nowhere, cause internal bleeding or sores on a little boy’s body? Seems unimaginable to normal people like us, but to kids like him, that is what normal looks like.


But we can help him have a better shot at living even just a tiny little bit carefree. Yes we can! So let’s help him, shall we?


Please head on over to our GoFundMe campaign and support, donate, PRAY, and campaign (share) with us!


Living a totally carefree life is hard for normal people like us, even harder for people like Edj. But it is possible. 😉


Thank you all and God bless!

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