Sunflower Mask

Now here’s a craft project with minimal effort. It was impromptu. And took only around 20 minutes of our lunch time.

Sunflower Mask!!!

Around 2 weeks ago, my friend at work, Tina, asked for ideas how to make a sunflower costume for her daughter’s school presentation. She said an average sunflower headband, which doesn’t even cover the whole face, costs Php 600 (USD 12). And I told her it was too costly when all she needs are brown and yellow crepe or felt paper, board, scissors and double-sided tape. I was telling her it was easy to do and started giving her quicm instructions until she decided to buy the materials from a bookstore nearby so I could teach her over lunch.

So lunch time came and we came down to business. No templates. We just went ahead and cutout a circle from the center of a paper plate (insteas of a board) to serve as our mask base. Then we cut out petals from the felt and crepe papers. And cutout strips from the brown crepe papers.

Then assembled them together, in layers using double-sided tape.

And ta-dah!!! Here’s our finished product!


Pretty, don’t you think?

Special thanks to May for trying it out! 🙂

Simple projects like this give me bliss!


To God be the glory!

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