DIY Shrink Art Keychain

Learn how to make your own keychain, charms, pendants, accessories using Shrink Film or Plastics. Follow this quick and easy video tutorial.

As they say, first impressions last. So when I saw Meeya and Xristine’s pretty lettering, I instantly fell in love and I would do (well, I did) what I could to get a piece of their art and incorporate them on my own. And if you knew me, you would know it wasn’t easy.

First, I am shy. I really fangirl over a lot of crafters and their works, but usually, viewing other people’s work is enough for me for inspiration. But on times when I fall in love, I just couldn’t resist the urge… I would eventually reach out to that person, compliment him/her, and in this case, request their kind permission if I can buy, or have a copy of their work. Somewhat-Stalker-level-Creepy, yes. But thankfully, none has thought that of me yet. Haha.

Second, I am a proud crafter. Haha. Whenever I see a cute or pretty art, an item, a product, I think to myself, “I can also do that”, then I’ll just come up with my own way or approach of recreating that stuff, add a personal touch (I don’t like copying unless inevitable, I don’t like stealing other people’s works), and produce something of my own. But there are times I need to simply surrender and admit that there are things I just cannot do. And calligraphy is one of them.

So thankfully, sis Meeya and Xristine were kind enough to share with me their works for a shrink art project. I am truly blessed!

And if you liked the calligraphy and watercolor art you see here, and would like to see more, please follow Meeya and Xristine on Instagram:

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But for now… Good night!

To God be the glory!

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