New Face


Welcome to Craft and Cuddles!

Since I realized my little one is turning into a little lady, so fast, I decided to finally put some focus on our CnC. I have been a bit active on the online world as @eclations but CnC has been a promise to my baby girl that we will upload our photo-and-video captured memories online, and today I am (starting to) making true of that promise.

And besides. I already let my eclations domain expired and it would be too costly to redeem it now. In retrospect, I never really got to work on it last year. So I decided to just move on to something new. Eclations will continue to be my main craft-shop-brand, by this new baby, Craft and Cuddles will be something really close to my heart… And life.

So what can you expect from us?

Anything under the sun! Our crafts. Our adventures. Our joys. Our tears. Our lessons. Our life.

So we hope you join us (errr follow us).

We’re also on IG and youtube as CraftandCuddles.

Thank you and God bless!

To God be the glory!😍

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