5 ODD Things I Love About Him

Let’s start with some real talk here, guys. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies; but it’s not always a depressing, war-like lovelife either. Sometimes it’s just the eewy, icky, corny stuff. And it takes a little oddity in our partners to be able to live with such.

No, this is not about Beauty and the Beast (although I and my husband of almost 10 years can pretty much relate to the story — he is beauty and I am the beast). But this article is about looking at and appreciating the “little things” that can actually make our relationships more enjoyable. (Like how I am eewy and he is odd for living with it.)

So let me share with you a few ODD things I find and appreciate in my hubby which you may want to look for in a partner too. (Hey, if it worked for me, it might also work for you.) Often than not, these little things actually mean big things!

1. Find someone who scratches your back at night… Not with those long fork thingies… But with his bare hands, or fingernails.

That my friend, is true love. He doesn’t even scratch his own back nor does he ask you to. He’s OC that he likes everything neat and clean but he overcomes that OC-ness just to scratch your back, no matter how icky and sometimes sweaty it can be. It may look rather simple but it’s a sacrifice not everyone takes. So kudos to your partner who willingly (in fact, he is often amused) does that.

MY Eewiness: Asking him to scratch my back
HIS Oddity: Feeling amused about it

2. Find someone who cleans your shoes for you.

He has his own little collection of well-loved shoes. He tends to them. Cares for them. Takes them out for fresh air. Cleans them. But as he takes care of his “beloveds”, he also takes care of yours. Because as he says, the two of you should always be matchy-matchy. He just can’t bear the idea of seeing you sluggish or haggard as if he isn’t taking care of you enough. And cleaning your shoes, is only one of his ways (and I mean many ways) to take care of you. (Yup, call me spoiled. Not a brat though. Just lazy. :p)

MY Eewiness: Dirty shoes for a girl
HIS Oddity: Obsession with cleaning even my shoes

3. Find someone who knows how to comb and tie your hair.

Yep. This is odd but is important. As mothers, you will often find your hands full, figuratively and literally, and having another pair of hands who can undo the mess of your hair (or daughter’s) saves you a lot of trouble. That is, if his own hands are not full either.

MY Eewiness: Witch hair
HIS Oddity: Knowing how to pony-tail

4. Find someone who kisses you in the morning despite the risk of dying from your dragon breath.

Self-explanatory. Hahaha. This one’s just too gross I don’t wanna expound anymore. But you get the meaning. Right?

MY Eewiness: Hey, who isn’t guilty of this?
HIS Oddity: Bearing with it. No, actually, he doesn’t have dragon breath. I dunno how or why and he won’t tell me his secret.

5. Find someone who says “I love you!” like a (sentence) period.

Relationship Rules posted this in Facebook a few days back, and I just couldn’t agree more: “People who think ‘saying I love you too much will make it lose its meaning’ are so boring. If someone tells you that they love you 3 times in one hour, they literally sat there at different moments in their day, thought about how important you are and how much they adore you.”

Life is too short to act reserved. If you really love someone that much, there’s no room for guessing. You let them hear it. You let them feel it. It’s odd though, that not all do this willingly. Oh what a lot of people would give just to have that opportunity to say “I love you” to someone again. Don’t wait until you regret. So practice with me… I… Love… You!

And I love you too!

MY Eewiness: Needy and Clingy
HIS Oddity: Loving me in all my eewiness

The bottom line is, nobody is perfect and love will be much sweeter if we can only embrace our partner’s peculiarities and even enjoy it. I may have packaged my hubby as the odd one on this post, but actually it is me. And I can only acknowledge, and forever thank the Lord, for giving me someone who finds my weirdness… Cute. As he often says, it is still a part of me.

Do everything in love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

And I will end my post here so I can sleep through the heavy traffic. I have another post lined up, more serious and sensible than this, if you’re more interested in that. Stay tuned, okay?

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