When Kids Talk

Have you tried listening to a child playing alone and talking to her toys?

Have you tried listening in on little kids’ conversations?

Have you tried really listening to your child?

Often times, our busy-ness makes us only hearers but not listeners. I am so guilty of this. But if we only tried to stop and really listen intently to this little humans, oh the wonderful things we will discover!

I recently became a contributor for Parenting Rock’s When Kids Talk section and I would have to say, it is such an eye-opening, fulfilling experience. It led me to listen to Dana more — more focused, more intent. I learned to drop the gadget or whatever I am doing and just enjoy our little chit-chat.

And here’s what I learned through Dana’s stories and point of views:


“Mommy, hurry, look! There’s a rainbow house on the side of the road! Look!” She exclaimed, with eyes twinkling and wide in amazement.

She was actually pointing to a small house in the slums with walls painted in layers of red, orange, pink, purple and blue. It didn’t matter where or what it was. It was simply pretty with all its colors.

When was the last time you looked around you and appreciated what you saw?

This is the only world we have, we need to take care of it, to see and maintain its beauty.

2. PEOPLE ARE EXCITING. If only we are forgiving.

One day she went home almost about to cry. She was mad at her friend for not including her in their club. The next day, she was happily telling us about this same friend, who drew stuff and played with her.

You see, our relationships can bring us through a rollercoaster of emotions. People can make us happy, mad, sad, excited and so on. If we can only be forgiving — to look past the shortcomings, better yet, forgive the wrongs, we can all enjoy each other’s company in spite and despite of some occasional misunderstandings and mishaps.


Every night, she starts her prayer like this: “Dear Jesus, we thank You for this day, thank You for my family, thank You for the world.”

Pretty much sums up one thing — there is always something to be grateful for.

There will be good days and there will be bad. But you are still there. Standing. Sitting. Reading this. Alive. Your life is a gift. You yourself is a blessing.


“Mama. I love you.”

My favorite words. Yes, she normally calls me “mommy” so when she calls me “mama”, you know she is really affectionately saying it. From her heart.

We may fight at times. We may love each other to the moon and back in most times. But our daily conversations — the things we find about her day, the things we discover about her, her endearing words like this, all represent God’s promise of love and faithfulness to this family, to us. He gave us someone to love and someone who’ll love us back even.

Children are a gift from the Lord;they are a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3)

I know people often need the TV, internet or a good book to escape. But lately I find, having these little conversations is all the escape I need. 😍

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