Remember When?

You could say I liked you first.
I’d say I admired you first.
You just looked so nice and good —
Good to your friends
Good to your parents
Even good enough to strangers.

Coming from a 3-year tumultuous relationship, I figured I needed someone like you.

Not you.

Just someone like you.

Then I remembered my prayer when my first relationship ended. I asked the Lord specifically for my next (and last) partner to be these 3 things —
1. Someone who will take care of me.
2. Someone who will think I am prettier than my sister. (Haha. Don’t get me wrong… I love my sister. It’s just that I, among others, am a fan of my sister very much, I know this one would be hard to find and thus, a good find. :P)
3. Someone who will accept my family for what it is.

At one point I asked myself, could it be you?
But no, I didn’t want to get ahead of myself or the Lord.

So imagine my shock when you told me you will court me.
I said no.
I didn’t want to drag you into my messy-complicated life and excess baggages.
But you just said, “Try me.”

And many years later, here I am, still trying you with the many small and big things.
And here you are, still overcoming. Me. With me.

So thank you.

Remember when I was complaining yesterday about my hair and you told me that to you I just looked pretty?

Remember when I asked you to come home ahead of me since I will be working overtime yet you insisted on picking me up though late, and even allowed me to sleep through the travel time?

Remember how you told me you signed up for your company’s End Game event, but asked me to watch it with you first? (Hahaha coz you know I’d be tampo (sulking) big time!)

Remember when you tapped my back half-asleep at 3 am this morning while I was working as if to say to me, “Mommy, take some rest…”?

Well, I remember. (Well duh! They just happened recently.)

But I remember not just these things, but all the little and big things you were and you did for all these years.

I remember how I always thought you were good.
And I still believe that now.

And even through the “fights” where we almost wanted to kill each other (bwahahaha), I just want you to know, I appreciate you.

Coz here we are still, diba? Alive and kicking. Watching The Umbrella Academy together.

10 years this coming December and this photo still pretty much shows how we are today, plus a few more pounds. 😂


So all I want to say is, thank you. I love you. Happy Friday!

You could say I liked you first.
But I’d say, you love me more.

Belat! 😛

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