Shushhh… shushhh! Shushhh… shushhh!

The sound I sleep to at night.

Shushhh… shushhh! Shushhh… shushhh!

The sound I wake up to in the morning.

Shushhh… shushhh! I look to the right and it’s there.

Shushhh… shushhh! I look to left and it grows even louder.

Shushhh… shushhh! Shushhh… shushhh!

Is the sound of their feet rubbing against their blankets. 😂

I dunno about you, but hubby has this hobby of rubbing his feet against rough blankets to feel the heat on his soles. And amusingly, the daughter seems to have inherited it. I sleep between these two so it’s kinda fun how I hear that sound left and right.

P. S. Shushhh… shushhh! Is also the sound they make when they conspire with each other. Hahaha.

Happy families, real families, are one of God’s greatest blessings! I appreciate the good and even the challenging, the big and even the little moments, like Shushhh… shushhh!

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

Romans 12:9

To God be the glory! 🥰

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