I am Jacque and I am an IT Professional by day, a Crafter by night (and weekends), and a Mother at all times.

And this, this is my blog!

A place where I can be my Crafter-self and post anything I want, craft-related and sometimes, mommy-related (hehe if you want more mommy-stuff, look me up in FB, I’m normally a TMI parent). Going back, I created this blog as a venue…

…To share with people how handmade things have inspired me almost all my life,

…To share how doing some artsy crafty stuff myself has relieved me of stress over countless time.

…To share the joy of creating something you can be proud of, something that makes others smile.

…To share the gift(s) that God gave me and to glorify Him in the process.

So please, feel free to like my posts and follow me here. You can follow me in FB, twitter and instagram as well. Just look up, @eclations.

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