DIY Ribbon Tassel

Yep guys, we’ve heard you! ❤

To help our followers get through with the remaining 2 weeks of ECQ, we are sharing this video tutorial of something you can do at home.


– Hot glue
– Ribbon Strips – can be different types, length, sizes, colors
– A wider Ribbon Strip for bow-making
– Hook with wide ring
– Needle and thread
– Scissors

1. Use the wider ribbon strip to create a bow. Set aside.

2. Gather and arrange the ribbon strips for the tassel.

3. Insert the gathered ribbons halfway through the hook ring. Fold and rearrange the ribbons as desired.

4. (Optional) Sew the tassel together, 1 cm away from the ring. I say this is optional since you can hold the tassel together by proceeding to step 5. But sewing the tassel first will ensure the ribbons are secured and won’t fall off in the long run.

5. Bind the tassels together. You may wrap around and glue another ribbon strip around the tassel, about 1 cm away from the ring. If you did step 4, this step will cover your stitches beautifully.

6. Adhere the bow on top of the tassel binder.

You now have your own tassel charm! You can use this for your planners, bags, and others. You may also use printed ribbons or add charms to your tassel.




Feel free to watch the video tutorial below:



No ribbons? Use paper or strips of cloth. You can cut old shirts, skirts, pillow covers and other stash fabrics… Scared of the fray? Don’t worry, they actually add that shabby chic feel to your end-product. Will probably show samples in the future.

No hook or chain? You can use hair ties, or even strips of ribbons as well. You can use them to ‘tie’ your charms instead of hooking ’em up. Not making sense? Will probably show you samples in the future too. Haha!


2 weeks to go and the quarantine here may be lifted. We are praying things ease up and get better soon. But even if they don’t… the most important thing is that you find your hope and your heart aligned with the Lord. He is in control. And I know He is speaking to us amidst this situation. Use it as an opportunity to be drawn closer to Him. Keep listening. Endure. Stay hopeful. Stay faithful. Stay safe. Be blessed.

Happy hopeful Sunday! 🙏

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