How to: Notecard

I love love love butterflies! An I love love love Martha Stewart’s Doily Lace Edge Punch. And I love love love notecards, bookmarks and the like! So here’s a not so throwback throwback post on how to create one.

Well, technically it’s still a throwback post since I will be re-using instructions and photos from my previous blog, but not so throwback since I will be adding in some new points; though just a few.

So with tummy aching, eyebrows curling and forehead scrunching, I present to you, simple instructions on how to make your own cute notecards. (Haha. What an introduction! But yep, I am in the middle of terrible tummy aches but I do not want to let this mood to post something pass… I am trying my best to stick to my blogging-posting-commitment here. Hihihi.)


  • Shape Punchers (e.g. Scalloped Circle, Butterfly)
  • Martha Stewart Edge Punch (e.g. Lattice, Doily Lace)
  • Cardstock or Special Board/Paper
  • Adhesive, Glue Gun+Stick
  • Fabric Tape, Scrapbook Paper and other designs.
  • Cutter or scissors


  1. Cut out sheets of cardstock according to desired card size, doubled in height since this will be folded in half. In the photos below, I used 5×8 so the folded size would be 5×4.
  2. Fold in half.
  3. Use the Martha Steward Edge Punch of your choice to decorate the bottom part of your card’s front flap. You can either punch off the whole edge or just a portion to create a window effect.
  4. Decorate the inside of your card with fabric tape or colored paper such that it shows through the decorated edge of your card at front.
  5. Cut/Punch out embellishments such as butterflies and adhere to your card’s front for added decoration.

And there you have it! Your very own cutie cutie notecards!


20160221_190127 (2)

You can actually create your own version of notecards or stationeries with different patterns and designs. These are just a few of them.
(Whew! I almost gave up completing this post but yey! I survived!) So, what do you think? Feel free to create your own and share them with me too! 🙂




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