How To: Corrugated Bookmarks


And since I think you are probably getting tired of my flashbacks from way way way back, here is the last of my 2013 throwbacks. Trivia: In my old blog, I actually used the term Perforated instead of Corrugated. My bad. Sorry. I was such a newbie back then. Though I still am a newbie on craft terms now. Haha. Hope you enjoy this anyway. 😉


Original Post Date: Sunday, July 14, 2013

So I went to this really pretty place called Sophie’s Mom and it got me so inspired I decided to create some bookmarks.

But to make not just an ordinary bookmark, I decided to use corrugated paper which I accentuated with buttons, felt and fabric tape.

I plan to enter this into the week’s CASology: NEON challenge but I am not sure if it is neon enough on the photos. But the green and yellow are in fact neon ‘in person’ so I’ll give it a try anyway. 🙂

Here are several bookmarks I created, hope it inspires you to create your own! 🙂


Did you notice that this one looks like a mouse or some tiny creature?
Simple steps to follow:
1. Cut out strips of corrugated paper, around 2 x 5 inches should be okay but you may adjust according to preference.
2. Decorate the corners or edges using decorative punchers.
3. Accentuate the bookmark with buttons, washi/fabric tape and other embellishments.
4. Punch a hole on top and tie your ribbon.
Pretty simple right? You can make your own versions too! Oh and I do hope you let me see them!
Enjoy! 🙂
To God be the Glory!

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