To the Hopeless Romantic and Simply Hopeless

Of course she wants flowers, even if they will dry and die over time.

Of course she wants chocolates, even if they will only make her fat.

Of course she wants to go to the movies, to snuggle with you in the dark.

Of course she wants to date you, even for just a little while.

You didn’t even have to ask.

You shouldn’t even ask.

Because she loves you, doesn’t she?

It’s the thought of you thinking of her that makes her heart flutter.
And to her, these little things are are not so little.
For her, these are the big things! A treasure of her lifetime!

So thank you, for giving her all these even though she said she didn’t want to, but simply because you wanted to.

So thank you, for doing all these for her and more.

So thank you, for letting her treasure you for life.

And thank you, for treasuring her for your lifetime.
And to those who chose to celebrate this day, may you celebrate it with a love that’s pure. And to those who couldn’t, or simply didn’t, may you find, if not already celebrate, the love of your lifetime. Tomorrow, the day after, until forever.


Yes, may forever nga eh. Hindi man dito sa lupa, kay Lord! 😉


In all seriousness. If you haven’t found love yet, don’t be in a hurry. God has something good planned for you. But you first gotta seek Him, the author of One Great Love, so He can in His perfect will and timing, give you your own true love. Psalm 37:4 says, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
And before I go, let me share this with you —


A paper and felt bouquet I made. A first time for me. And I loved the simple yet pretty outcome.

To God be the glory!


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