Sy – Eumague Wedding



Don’t we just love weddings? And agree with me here, we love it more because of the many DIYs we can make!

Well last October 10, 2015, I was blessed enough to make a lot of things for my cousin-in-laws wedding — even more DIYs than my own wedding! It was challenging, there were a lot of lessons learned, I have had my regrets (and I promise to make it up next time, perhaps on their renewal of vows, or in their first child’s Christening or birthday…) but nevertheless it was as fun and fulfilling as I expected it to be! So once again, a shout of thanks to Tita Jam and Tito Enzo for entrusting these things to me! It was such a pleasure as much as it was an honor to me! God bless you both!

And so without further ado, let me give you a rundown of our handmade things for this beautiful wedding:

  1. Monogram – almost every wedding has one. But we decided to keep it simple and use simple fonts rather than handmade calligraphy.


2. Invitation Suite – I did several mock ups for the invitations but we decided on this format. 3-fold invitation with back-to-back prints. Everything is written within the invitation folds except for the mini-page where the Gift Registry tag was attached. I also did the Missalette  cover although there was a minor miscommunication on the paper we will be using but hey, it turned out just fine! 🙂

3. Giveaways – we had 2 types. I made the wine bottle label for the giveaways for principal sponsors. Then I made the stickers and tag for the Kisses which were given to guests in general.

3. Flower Girl Gown – I love this! As in! I’ve always wanted those princess tutu types you find all over the net but I was afraid purchasing them internationally would cost us greatly so we decided to make our own. And I had several trials as well, before we arrived with the design we liked.


4. The Flowers – the flowers! This is one area where I had the most regret. 😦 It was because I lacked time and resources that I failed to make the flowers according to our agreement. I had to improvise and these are what I came up with. It was such a good thing that the bride was very understanding and loved the flowers just the same. But really, I promise to make it up next time!

The Bride


5. The Candy Bar – also one of my favorites though it was a simple setup of candies and sweets in shades of pink and choco.  A special shoutout to my hubby for helping make this a reality for me!

6. The AVPs – and of course, the AVPs. I made their flashback AVP and Pre-nup AVP which was played during the reception. Too bad I can’t upload the videos here (yeah, I’m still on a Free plan).

It was really fun! I wish I could do this again! But better! I thank God for the talent and grace He has given me And I thank God for the especially kind and wonderful couple who partnered with me on this. Really, so so so much thanks guys!

So what do you think? Do let me know your feedback.

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