Christmas Cookies

We were already crossing over to the new year when we realized we still haven’t decided on what to give our colleagues as Christmas gifts.

So in a whim, I bought stuff for my female friends with thoughts of adding something personalized. However, until now I still haven’t had the time to do that yet. So I’ll probably give them next week as a New Year’s gift. Sheeesh I am always delayed with a lot of stuff. I think I need to make this my new year’s resolution. Hehe.

Good thing for hubby though, deciding was too easy. We simply bought cookies!

We repacked them, added stickers and butterflies and so ta-dah!


Too bad I failed to take any more decent pictures. But that’s okay. I am happy that his female colleagues especially liked (and preserved) the butterflies! *Fist pumps*


I’ll post about my own gifts next week. Stay tuned! 😉


To God be the glory! 


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