My Room is a Mess

In this era of Marie Kondo, I must be an outcast. I am unable to join in the bandwagon. Believe me, I tried. I watched her videos. I agreed with her points. I even got to dispose of 3 large storage boxes and all of my party props.

But this morning I stood in the middle of a messy room yet again. The room that just 3 weeks ago actually looked like a room. Whatever happened? Don’t ask me. When I woke up it was already like this.

But I am not bothered. I am actually happy. Because I know there’s more meaning behind this mess than meets the eye. So moms, take down notes, I am sharing you my excuses to keep the house messy.


1. Reminds me that I have a daughter who has fun at home.

We do train her to clean up her stuff, but sometimes, it couldn’t be helped if small pieces of her toys are left here and there. Why, there are even toys inside my bag at work. But to me it means that she is able to enjoy her childhood, even if she is still an only child. I may not be with her physically all the time, but seeing traces of what went through her day is something I welcome as I come home at night.

2. Reminds me that I can do many things.

Except clean. Hahaha. No, seriously, I have this mess because aside from working in IT, I can craft. I can sew. I can make cards. I can make flowers. I can make dolls. I can cook. I can play. I can… I can… I can make a mess. And many more.

3. Reminds me that I still have unfinished business.

Lest I become that female villain in the movie Casper, who went straight to the afterlife since she didn’t have anything to do here anymore. As for me, the mess left in room may mean I have an ongoing project for eclations which I have yet to finish. This unfinished business means I was busy with something else — that I have work, that I have a family which I prioritize.

4. Reminds me that I still have a lot to learn and improve on.

I am far from being the perfect mother or the perfect wife. But I try my best. And while I may be struggling, and I am not nearly there yet, having this challenge or goal to work harder for is somehow encouraging, motivating. Otherwise, life will be boring.

5. Reminds me that hubby loves me so much.

Yes. Wanna know how I know? Coz he is OC and yet he tolerates my mess to keep me happy and our home happy too. No fighting. Just understanding.

Coz you see…Eventually, we will grow older. We will no longer be able to do the things we do now. We might not even have much things to do by then. Our children will be old enough to not play with toys, or they may have left our home for their own.

By then we will have a clean room. (But God I pray, it won’t mean an empty heart. Though I will not worry about that for now.)

So today, I will enjoy my messy room and all the meanings that come with it.

Lastly, I was really thinking of an appropriate verse to share with you tonight and so I just wanna close with this:

A glad heart makes a happy face; a broken heart crushes the spirit.

Proverbs 15:13a

So whether you have a messy room or a clean house, what’s important is that you have a happy heart. 😍

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